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bachelorette handbook

Game On, Girls!

Nothing makes for bachelorette-party memories like playing games with the bride-to-be.

We consulted party-planning websites, sexperts, and the most important resource of all—our girlfriends—to put together a list of assorted bachelorette party shenanigans. You can't go wrong with these crowd-pleasers, whether G-rated or racy.

For a Night In…
How well do you know the bride?
The bride might be the only thing the group has in common, so break the ice with a getting-to-know-you game. You can take turns explaining how you know the bride and share a funny story, or complete a quiz, prepared beforehand, to test how well you know the bride. Then have each girl trade with someone she doesn't know. Go through the questions together, and have people share their guesses before the bride gives up the truth.

Soon to be newlywed quiz
The bride has to prove how well she knows her mate. Enlist his help before the party—ask him to answer a series of questions about everything from the early days of the relationship to his quirky, endearing habits. Take turns quizzing the bride: What's his karaoke song? Best celeb encounter? Favorite T-shirt? Nickname his mom calls him? Movie he never gets tired of watching? Drink of choice?

She's a poet and doesn't even know it
Buy a romance novel, make multiple copies of a page, and then cut out the juiciest words to distribute. (From Harlequin's No Place For a Lady, for instance: "Bree looked to her left and saw the speaker, a rakish-looking man with a bold eye and a leer on his lips, pushing towards her….") Break into teams of two and compete to see which group can piece the words together to the most outrageous effect. Want a shortcut? Buy Magnetic Poetry's Romance Kit instead ($19.95).

Pajama party
Instruct every girl to bring her favorite pajamas. Before it's time to get ready for bed, have one person collect everyone's pj's and lay them out or hang them up. Spring the activity on the girls as a surprise and throw in a few decoys (for more truthful and amusing results). Make the bride guess who brought the flannel pants and who brought the satin Kiki de Montparnasse.

Out and About…
Scavenger hunt
For a jaunt around town, try a bachelorette-themed scavenger hunt. Split the girls into teams—try mixing groups so the women who weren't friends before can get to know each other—and send them out looking for all things marriage. Items can be specific to the couple, such as a matchbook from the restaurant where they had their first date, or goofy, like an edible candy bra.

Business card hunt
For a twist on traditional scavenging, turn the above game to exclusively collecting men's business cards. Create a few categories for each type of guy the teams have to collect from. These can require a little interpretation and investigation (Wall Street tycoon, emo creative type, preppy jock), or be as simple as physical characteristics (nerd glasses, tattoo, beer gut). Before the guy hands over his card, ask him to write a tip for the bride on how to keep her husband happy. The advice will make for great reading over that 3 a.m. slice of pizza, or a cup of strong coffee the following morning.

I've Never/She's Never
This can be played anywhere girls can congregate and drink. Each partygoer takes a turn placing a quarter under her napkin without letting the others see if she places it head up (she's lying) or down (she's telling the truth). Then she tells a story—outlandish, mundane, whatever—about either herself or the bride-to-be. Others guess if it's an honest tale or a big fat lie, and whoever guesses incorrectly has to take a drink.

I Dare You checklist
Prior to heading out, ask everyone to contribute three ideas to the evening's list of dares. Throughout the evening, take turns assigning tasks from the list, and cross them off as the night goes on. Kiss a bald guy? Check! Have your red-headed friend order a round of red headed sluts (shots of peach schnapps, Jägermeister, and cranberry juice)? Check!

Give the bride a hickey
For this game, all you need is a tube of bright red lipstick and numerous male patrons at whatever upstanding establishment the party has moved to. Advertise your bachelorette and offer to let men kiss her (neck and up) with one catch—they have to put on the lipstick and leave her with a pseudo hickey. You get to see the bride blush, plus watch men willingly apply makeup.

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