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Secrets of the Spa Junkies

Before you put on that fluffy robe, take a few tips from these avid spa-goers—women who've winced through inexpert facials and snickered through hokey aura-reading sessions—on how to get the most bliss for your buck.

"I try to sneak in a massage just before I leave for the spa. If I start out relaxed, I get more mileage from my treatments." —Janelle

"Spas often have special relaxation areas that are reserved for specific types of treatments, including private hot tubs in massage rooms. I ask ahead about these spaces and avoid booking treatments back-to-back so I can savor my time in them." —Jenny

"There are little sanctuaries tucked into every corner of most spas, so I put a book in my robe pocket (always ask for a robe with pockets!) and wander until I find a quiet spot I love." —Jen

"It's easy to feel guilty when you're spending an entire week at a spa. What Jenny and I do is take one of our trips in November, picking a place near great shopping, so we can buy Christmas presents for others and then go back to the spa for wine and treatments." —Angie

"Janelle and I once scheduled a business meeting during a spa getaway so we could sit in a hot tub while we launched a project. I highly recommend it!" —Catherine

"When I travel on business, I stay a half day longer to fit in a visit to a nice day spa. There's something extra naughty about an out-of-town massage—it reminds me of playing hooky." —Jen

before you leave
"My mom and I always book our next trip when we check out. Spas sometimes offer discounts for prebooking, allowing you to lock in the same price for the following year." —Sarah

"Make sure to sign up for the spa's newsletter. It may offer promotions during slower periods. I tend to travel on the spur of the moment, and I've saved money on spa trips this way." —Catherine

Note: This story was accurate when it was published. Please be sure to confirm all rates and details directly with the companies in question before planning your trip.



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